Wagner Natural Area is an Environmental Resource for Educators

When volunteers/staff are available, the Wagner Natural Area Society is able to provide free classroom presentations about the natural area and many environmental features that address science curriculum topics for Grades 1 through 6. Presentation topics offered include: what the Wagner Natural Area’s special features, how did the wetlands and forests evolve, the importance of protection of natural areas, and how families can enjoy the natural area year-round.
To register for a classroom session, teachers should send an email to  info@wagnerfen.ca with subject line “Classroom Session”; include name, name of school, grade level and topic, and dates and times that would work for you. Sessions are more often available in May-June.

To book a school field trip or a group field trip online – fill out one of the forms below.

Grade 1

Seasonal changes – the needs of plants and animals


Small crawling and flying animals


Animal life cycles

Grade 4

Plant Growth and Changes


Wetland Ecosystems

Grade 6

Trees and forests