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Wagner is beautiful in the fall. Come for a visit!

Our Mission Is To Ensure the Preservation and the Biological Diversity of Wagner Natural Area for Educational, Scientific and Research Purposes  

Check out our newest 2023 August Newsletter  here

                     Input Form for Updated Wagner Management Plan

Help Wagner Natural Area Society update our management plan for the future protection of Wagner Fen. All ideas welcome! Refer to article “Updating Wagner Natural Area Conservation Planning” in the  June/July 2023 Friends of the Fen newsletter  for further background.

Essentially, we are looking for your perspective on what has changed under each issue topic over the past 20+ years at Wagner Natural Area, i.e., the opportunities associated with these changes as well as the challenges, and your ideas about how to solve any. Click on the link below to fill out the form: 

This beautiful poster was created by Rayma K. Peterson featuring many of the orchids that grow in Wagner Natural Area
This poster is featured in Rayma’s book “Habitat Paintings – Journeys in Art” and is available through 


We work to preserve Alberta’s wetlands through education and citizen science


Walk the trails or join a group tour to view and learn about our wetlands


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Read our Newlsetters
“Friends of the Fen”

THANK YOU – A Great Big Thank You Goes Out to All the Wagner natural Area Members and Friends who Worked at Our First Casino, Held at Century Casino, St. Albert on Saturday/Sunday Feb.4/5.
Volunteers Who Commit to These Fundraising Chores are Essential to WNA’s Survival. The WNA Society is Forever Grateful!

August 10, 2022: Check out a CBC story on Edmonton AM that spreads the word about orchids at Wagner Natural    Area. Listen to orchid enthusiast and longtime fan of Wagner – David Fielder – as he shares some tips on viewing and insight into orchid biology. Click on the link  here.

Our Appeal to You:
Our financial year has drawn to a close. Your support as a member, donor or volunteer is vital to the continued protection and maintenance of the Wagner Natural Area. We encourage you to join or renew your WNAS membership for 2023. Fees are $10 for Supporting Members and $15 for Voting Members. Memberships and donations can be made by cheque or Interac bank transfer. Further details can be found  here.

 Mailing Address:

30531-118 Ave

      Acheson, AB T7X 6M5

In Case of Emergency – immediately call  911   
To Report Vandalism, or other issues, email: